Celeb Kids Who Have A Unique Look

Just because they’re rich and famous, you’d think that celebrities would be selective about who they have children with. Although many celebrities look pretty decent, you can’t really say the same about their offspring. In fact, many famous babies are ugly and weird looking. Of course, these babies have the face that only a mother could love and everyone knows how hard it is for mothers or parents, in general, to see the flaws, ugliness or imperfections of their children. Need some convincing? Take a look at these ugly kids.

Weston Cage

wes cageSOURCE

Nicholas Cage has amassed quite a few box office hits and failures. And although he is not bad to look at, he does give off a weird vibe that makes you wonder who in their right mind would date him, let alone have his children. Apparently some lucky woman. Take a look at Cage’s son Weston and you’ll quickly wonder what is wrong with him. All of that makeup and black clothing is enough to make you feel as if maybe the family is involved in some secret cult.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoever decided these celebrity kids are odd looking must be nuts! They’re NORMAL kids and most are cute. Get your eyes tested!!!

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