Celebs Who Recently Had Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the dirty little secret of the celebrity world. It’s like farting in public. Everyone’s done it at some point but no one wants to admit they’re that guy (or girl) who did. Celebrities are under a lot of pressure to look good. And when you have thousands of dollars to blow, easy access to a discreet plastic surgeon, well plastic surgery is a foregone conclusion. These celebrities, whether they want to admit it or not, have probably had plastic surgery. The proof is in the pictures. Do you think they all had plastic surgery? Let us know in the comments.

Selena Gomez


As Selena gets older, she’s under a lot of pressure to look good. And many people in Tinseltown believe she’s gotten a little work done on her bosom if you know what we mean. Implants aren’t uncommon among the female denizens of Hollywood. And her chest looks a little too suspiciously good to just be the result of puberty.

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