Ugly Photos Of Beautiful Women

Okay, we admit it. It’s hard for even the most beautiful woman in the world to look beautiful all the time. Everyone has their off-days. So that’s why it’s slightly amusing when a gorgeous woman is caught off guard with an unflattering photo. Sure, it’s arguably pretty mean spirited. But admit you’re a bad person and laugh along:

Britney Spears


Alright, we know it. Britney isn’t always caught at the best time. The truth is, she’s a beautiful woman. But the paparazzi hover above this poor woman (and yes, we’ll be joining Ms. Crocker and saying “leave Britney alone”- although, not for the same reasons as the viral YouTube star) and seem to catch every bad moment. It’s almost embarrassing looking at these photos and knowing that the singer/tabloid fixture is rarely left alone.

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