Cute Animals That are Extremely Dangerous


Cute animals are having their heyday. Every corner of the internet is plastered with adorable cats, dogs, and hedgehogs. Animals have their own instagram pages and Facebook profiles, sometimes with millions of followers. If it’s cute, people love it. Unfortunately, the cuteness can hide a dangerous streak, especially in wild animals. As the internet discovers new and unusual cuties, the dark side of these animals sometimes gets lost. As a sort of public service, we now present cute animals that could kill you…

Slow Loris


Sure, they look like cuddly little monkeys, but you do not want to mess with these tree dwellers. slow lorises are primates, and like many apes they spend most of their lives climbing in trees. Unlike other apes (and very rare for mammals in general), slow lorises actually produce poison and can have very dangerous bites. They actually make their poison in glands that are located on their elbows, lick their elbows and mix the poison with their saliva to make for a dangerous bite. Their cuteness and danger factor actually have made these animals a hit in the illegal pet trade, if you can believe it.

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