Coolest Airlines in the World Today

Virgin America


While U.S-based carriers are implementing mobile boarding, terminal charging and inflight technology like Wi-Fi, the legacy carriers are not as advanced as their international rivals. Virgin America is the notable exception. In addition to Wi-Fi, AC and USB connectivity, this airline offers on-demand video monitors complete with live television. Systems also feature Google Maps as well as an in-flight social network. Passengers enjoy seat-to-seat chatting and can even order food directly from their screens.

Virgin America also offers an exciting, user-friendly website that caters to whatever device you are browsing with. The company provides mobile check in and boarding options, and visual themes are always eye-catching and fresh. Plus, it is one of the only airlines in the world to offer its technology services consistently throughout its entire fleet.

The flying experience has certainly come a long way. With daily flights operating to virtually anywhere in the world, airlines are making big strides to keep their tech-hungry consumers comfortable, happy and always connected.

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