The 7 Most Dangerous Terrorist Organizations in the World

 Most Dangerous Terrorist in the World Today


The word terrorism is one that is being heard increasingly often. While the concept of using force and terror to accomplish goals is certainly not new, the acts of terrorists have become increasingly bold and international in their reach. Sadly, terrorists exist in every country, culture, race and religion on the globe. Yet, there are some groups that stand out as being the most dangerous terrorists in the world.



The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a group that is on everyone’s tongue today. This Sunni jihad group has a stronghold in the Middle East where they rain terror down on the planet. Their stated goal is to restore an “ideal” Islamic state where the rule is turned over to a religious leader, or caliph, who is the successor of the prophet Muhammad. They claim that it is their leader’s right to lead as caliph and they are killing those who oppose them. Innocent men, women and children have been slaughtered in their raids in the Middle East. Recently, they have begun kidnapping people from many different countries and then killing them when their demands are not met. The leading countries throughout the world have launched operations to bring down this dangerous group.

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