8 Celebs Who Actually Care About Their Fans

Celebrities often get a bad rap for being selfish, self-involved and only in it for the money and fame. So it’s surprising when you come across celebs who actually care about their fans, and go out of their way to show that appreciation in some interesting and special ways. Here are eight famous people who are known to do whatever they can to connect with their fans, whether it’s in person or on social media.

1. Tom Hanks


Hanks always seems to project an air of down to earth honesty and goodness that you just can’t fake. It’s no wonder that his most iconic roles have been of decent men faced with tough moral choices, such as in “Castaway,” or the gangster plagued by his conscience in “Road To Perdition.” So it’s no surprise that he was gracious when a fan asked him to pose for photos in a diner…while the fan pretended he was passed out. Hanks played it up for laughs. What other two-time Oscar-winning star would consent to do this? Awesome.

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